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Welcome to your community hub for cool community developed tools. Please remember these are externally produced products and services.


Created by: @Kakulukian

OpenCNFT is a side project led by @Kakulukian, the purpose of which is to provide data on trends such as traded volumes or wallet holders of CardanoNFT projects in an automated way. We want to provide an easy to use tool for the Cardano Community.

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Created by: @CNFT_IO

CNFT.IO is a marketplace for Cardano Non-Fungible Tokens, launched in July 2021 from a team decentralised across the world, we can officially say we are the first marketplace on Cardano. We will be adding loads of new features over the next few months so be sure to check back. If you need any help or support reach out to a member of the team on one of our social media channels.

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Price Checker Tool

Created by: @Tom_Bozik

This community built price checker tool allows you to search for land parcels within a set budget. You can even enter your wallet address for a more focused search.

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Community Map

Created by: @luiscarlos

This tool was produced by Luis Carlos during the first land sale by pulling the data from the blockchain before the official map was released.

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3D Map

Created by: @IrishCryptoNoob

A cool 3D view of developed by community member Thomas. It has a simple search function and the code is freely available on GitHub.

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Community Hub

Created by: @Pavia_io

Please join us in the Community Hub where you can suggest and vote on Pavia Improvement Proposals (PIPs) a forum, support and much more.

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Heat Map

Created by @Lokinou

A great community heat map tool showing the 'in-demand' areas of from recent sales and sale distribution data.

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